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Help with my itinerary

We are planning a trip to Scotland during the very beginning of August. We are flying in and out of Glasgow. So far I have reservations for:
Night 1: Glasgow
Night 2-4: Edinburgh

Nights 8-9: Skye

Night 11: Glasgow

We need to make reservations for three nights between Edinburgh and Skye and one night between Skye and Glasgow. Suggestions? We want to see Stirling and Glencoe for sure.

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I confess I have never thought of Glasgow as a tourist destination, but perhaps your two nights there are for practical reasons only?

As for suggestions Edinburgh - Skye, will you be driving? Also, just how much do you want to visit Skye? I ask because it's quite a journey from Edinburgh just to spend two nights. There are many, many lovely places much closer including the Loch Lomond area, not too far from 'Glazzgie'. I would consider doing a circular route Glasgow - Loch Lomond/Trossachs - Edinburgh - Glasgow. You will miss the truly 'rugged' part of Scotland though.

Bear in mind that roads in Scotland are often single-carriageway and so journey times can be a lot longer than you expect, especially in Summer when the caravanners are out and about!

Accommodation-wise, my wife and I (60 & 61) almost exclusively use AirBnB these days, mostly because we like to have a bit of space (we go for 'whole house' properties), we experience much more local flavour and have our own kitchen.

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Glasgow certainly does have some sites of interest to tourists. Among them at least two excellent art galleries (loved the Burrell Collection) and the John Renee McIntosh House, which is always a destination for those interested in his architecture. The Glasgow City Hall was on our little tour, specifically for City and Regional Planners, and if it is possible to visit that Victorian marble marvel, do so.

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Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum in Glasgow looks like a wonderful place to visit; also the Necropolis is worth a visit. Skip Skye this time. Combine it with an excursion to the other Scottish Islands when you have more time; it will be much too busy in August. Look at Visit Scotland, Historic Scotland and Secret Scotland web sites for other itinerary ideas. There are many day trips that can be made from both Glasgow and Edinburgh. Stirling Castle is worth a visit. If you really want to visit Skye you can drive there via the bridge for the day; bring your own food because all the restaurants will be full. I like Steve's circle idea for a great choice.

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Might I suggest a stay in Oban. Then you could take the ferry out to visit Iona/Mull/Staffa. Your itinerary is city heavy, and that is fine if you really enjoy cities. What makes Scotland so special though, is its amazing Highlands. I would encourage you to get out of the cities and see the islands or the highlands!

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Please tell us whether you'll be driving or traveling by public transport. That will make a difference in where your best destinations would be.

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Thank you for all of the responses. We are picking up a rental car when we leave Edinburgh.

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I would definitely add another night to Skye. Long trip from Edinburgh and well worth staying 3 nights.

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Have you been looking at properties and the events calendar for Edinburgh for August? The Fringe and International are 3-27 August which means accommodations will be filling fast (and be peak prices). Since it looks like you're going more for a overall Scottish vacation versus an Edinburgh Festival vacation, you may want to tailor your plans unless the crowds don't bother you.

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Since you have reservations in the places noted on the dates noted, perhaps inquire if you could extend your stay in Edinburgh and Skye rather than stop at other locations. I didn't notice if you are driving, if your are, it will likely be a time-consuming drive from Edinburgh to Skye check enter link description here . The referenced discussion is from 2012, but helpful for making driving plans.

If you do not have a car, you might want to consider taking the train from Edinburgh to Skye and back. Regarding Skye vis a vis a car, I suspect there will be other posts advising that you should (maybe even "must") have a car while visiting Skye. We will be there in early May (our first visit so what I'm about to note is not yet "proven") but I've found a taxi company that I've corresponded with and pre-booked dates for moving about. This should make our stay (without a car) quite doable.

Whether you have a car or not, how you arrive or depart Skye may be important in deciding on another stop between Skye and Edinburgh/Glasgow. If you arrive or depart from the South (Armadale) you could consider a stop at Ft. William (Neptune ladder, West Highland Museum et al), Mallaig (a cruise up the Sound of Sleat) or even Oban.