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Help with itinerary

We are attending a Scottish wedding in early August and would love to hear from the experts on how best to fill up the extra days we added to our time in Scotland. We are a couple in our mid-60s and want to see the fantastic countryside, explore unique villages, eat lots of seafood and see the Highlands (probably the fringes) due to time constraints if possible. We also enjoy archeological sites and tours to hear about the history of the area. The castles are not as important to us as we just finished a three week trip through Central Europe and had our fill.

Rough idea of our itinerary:

  1. Monday Day 1 Fly into Edinburgh or Glasgow in morning, please suggest the best entry city car and drive to our first overnight destination, somewhere picturesque between Glasgow and Oban perhaps? Also considering Glencoe. Drive through Loch Lomond area to get to Glencoe or Oban.
  2. Tuesday Day 2 Visit Mul? and general area around Glencoe or Oban.this is where I need help based on our interests previously stated. We may take a ferry trip to Mul but since we have so few days, may skip the islands and spend our time exploring sights around Glencoe.
  3. Wednesday, Day 3 Scenic drive, with stops, to get a taste of the Highlands. Need help with areas and th most scenic route to take to our destination, South Queensferry. ....arrive in South Queensferry, Edinburgh, by 9 pm to join wedding group.
  4. Thursday, Day 4 Stay in South Queensferry for two nights for wedding. Meet and greet picnic at castle for wedding guests at 4 pm. We may have time to go to St. Andrews area in morning and early afternoon. My husband is a golf fanatic. Not sure we have enough time. He may play golf with wedding guests, waiting for details.
  5. Friday, Day 5 wedding in South Queensferry,
  6. Saturday, Day 6 move to hotel in central Edinburgh. Bought tickets for Military Tatoo, evening performance, and afternoon is free. Maybe this is the day to see St. Andrews and a bit of northeast, then turn in car at airport, and take transport to central Edinburgh hotel before dinner. Is the Northeast a good option?
  7. Sunday, Day 7 ...Enjoy Fringe Festival, see the Castle, ghost tour maybe, and just explore for 2 days.
  8. Monday, Day 8 Explore Edinburgh
  9. Tuesday, Day 9 Early flight to US.

We would greatly appreciate your help with filling in this itinerary. We will be in Dublin at the start of this journey so it is possible to fly into Edinburgh or Glasgow on Day 1. Our hotel bookings are firm for the wedding Thurs and Friday night and we have confirmed hotel in Edinburgh for Saturday through Tuesday. Otherwise we are flexible on where to go and the best area for overnights.

Thank you!

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I am jealous that you have tickets for the military tattoo. Enjoy

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My only concern is your driving on day 1. Where are arriving from?
Many years ago my husband and I had a great part of a day on Inchcolm which you access from near South Queensferry.

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We decided on the train instead of a rental car. My husband drove in Ireland a year ago and said he had to lie down for an hour after a day of driving to wind down from the stress. So we still hope to see the Highlands by train. We may skip Oban and Mul and add Inverness and the central Highlands was our last day.

Thank you for the responses, We are excited about the Military Tatoo tickets.

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You might want to check if a Rabbies itinerary fits your dates. They are a well-regarded company that uses 16 passenger buses. You would likely see more than you would by using trains.

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With such limited time I really wouldn't bother with Inverness. It's a working town with little to detain the visitor. Rabbies is an excellent suggestion!