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Help with edinburgh day trip

Hello, I will be traveling solo for a long weekend to edinburgh (arrive early Thursday, leave late Sunday). I am a big fan of active, busy days and NOT shopping/long meals, teatime, etc. I plan on immediately going into the city Thursday and staying out until dark to time adjust. I am more than aware there is a lot to do & see I the city itself, but I have accounted for this (yes, I know I won't see it all) and would like to do a 1 day trip into the highlands. I cannot drive stick and don't want to worry about boneheaded left side of the road driving errors.

Any recommendations for a highland tour? To give a sense, the rabbie 'highland Ina day' seems perfect to me except I have NO interest in Loch Ness, let alone two hours...I've come up slightly at a loss with simple google searching this.

I am more than happy for a 12 hour trip and I don't mind the bus time (sightseeing the countryside as we drive).

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I just used this company for their 4 day Orkney trip. They have lots of day trips as well. Meet at drop off at St. Giles Cathedral on the Royal Mile.

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I am traveling I late sept (22-25). I did look at their other tours. Seem a little interesting but none seem toget quite as deep into the area as the Loch Ness. Maybe I'm wrong?

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You are probably okay in September with the all day tour of the highlands, but watch your daylight. It starts to shrink and tours designed for the long light of summer are not quite as attractive in the dusk of autumn.