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Having Outlander withdrawal? New series about Scotland

Not intending to advertise an upcoming series...but saw this trailer which looks interesting. Thought would share.
Starz channel in USA will be launching new series about Scotland. Beautiful photography. And if you are an Outlander fan, you’ll recognize the hosts. Channel does require subscription for streaming.

Trailer here:

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Thank you for sharing this. It looks awesome!
I definitely want to see this program. Better yet, I want to experience it first hand.
But all I can do now is "pretend pack": I've set aside a couple of boxes to toss
in travel items for some future trip to Europe.

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I highly recommend the audiobook that accompanies the series. The actors narrate the whole thing in their own voices! If listening to it late at night while your spouse is sleeping they may be woken to your fits of laughter. You’ve been warned 😉.