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Hadrians Wall

I am planning a trip to Scotland, flying into Edinburgh and I am wondering if I might get some input into a side trip to Newcastle to tour a bit of the wall. Just wondering if this would be a worth while day trip
Thanks Caroline

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Hi, Caroline,

You didn't mention whether you were hiring a car or using public transportation, but Rabbie's, Heart of Scotland, and most likely other tour companies, offer one day tours of Hadrian's Wall out of Edinburgh.

If you're interested in the Roman occupation, the Antonine Wall stretched from the Forth to the Clyde. It was built in the same century as Hadrian's Wall. There are still segments existing of the wall, especially in the area between Croy and Falkirk.

All the best,

Mike (Auchterless)

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Hi Sorry, yes I am not sure if it would make sense to rent a car for this particular trip or not. I do plan to rent a car when I am ready to leave Edinburg so I guess my question is .. If I plan to drive from Edinburg airport to Newcastle and then on towards Glasgow and continue my tour of Scotland would it be too much time taken away from island and Highland sites
Thanks Caroline

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Hi Caroline -

I think the answer to your question is that it is not an efficient use of your time to detour from Scotland into England to see Hadrians Wall. Plus there's very little to see of the wall proper in and around Newcastle. To see it at its best you need to see it crossing the wilder, more exposed parts in the centre of the country, around Housesteads and near Vindolanda for instance. Traditionally in summer there's a bus service - the AD122! - that runs the length of the wall, but the service timetable won't be announced until the new year I think. (Nothing to stop you checking in the interim).

Of course it's your trip and your call, but I think Mike's suggestion about the Antonine Wall is a better alternative and use of your time, and there's plenty of good stuff to occupy you in Scotland and the Highlands instead of detouring in the opposite direction to see Hadrians Wall.

We have a saying about these sort of trips - "you can't do it all, we'll save it for next time" which gives us an incentive to return! So maybe Hadrians Wall is a trip for another time - walk the entire length! - as far as I know, it's going to be around for a while yet!

Whatever you decide, have a great trip!


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I disagree that the two walls are interchangeable for visitors. I've seen both and they are two quite different experiences.

I so enjoyed spending 3 days in Hadrian Wall territory, so I am a little biased. We flew into Newcastle and took the train (very easy to do) to Corbridge where we started our explorations. We stayed in Corbridge and Haltwhistle. The best thing we did was hire Peter Carney, , as our guide for a day.

We chose to visit Hadrian's wall and then locations in southern Scotland. We flew out of Edinburgh when we were done.

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Caroline. My answer is: it depends how much you want to see Hadrian's Wall. For me, it was a Bucket List having been fascinated by it for decades. We were going to Lasswade (near Edinburgh) from York in a day, driving. We went to Corbridge Roman Fort (fascinating!) were told by a very nice lady the best place East to stop to see Hadrian's Wall. It was one of the highlights of my trip. But I like historic ruins. We also did a journey (had a car) from Lasswade to Tantallon Castle (breathtaking) and then on to Lindisfarne abbey ruins in England.

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Thank you all for the valuable information!

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Just had to thank ianandjulie (above) for pointing out the number of the bus service: the AD122! Someone in the Ministry of Transport had a sense of humor, LOL!