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Hadrian's Wall walk

Has anybody walked the 84 mile Hadrian's Wall walk (Wallsend to Bowness-on-Salway or vice versa)? Any suggestions about time of year or a couple days in Edinburgh on one end & Glasgow on the other? We've never been to Scotland & only have about 2 weeks, 7 of which will be on the walk.

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July and August will be the better weather in that part of the world. Hadrian's Wall is in England rather than Scotland which comes as a surprise to some in the UK. For Glasgow and Edinburgh it depends again on interests. Both have much to offer.

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FYI, the drive from Hadrian's Wall to Edinburgh is a good three hours, at least.

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I have stayed in Glasgow about 3 weeks, with a couple of day trips to Edinburgh and Stirling, Moidart . Love Glasgow and that is where I will spend my bulk of stay this summer. Edinburgh is very beautiful, a great area for tourists, Fringe Festival in August is fun. Tattoo in Edinburgh is stunning. I found the entire time in Edinburgh I was with tourists. Glagow.... not as picturesque in many ways. In three weeks I only met locals. Went to museums, cathedrals and we found a great little pub that on many nights local University aged musicians show up with their instruments and have a Trad Session. Often there were 10 or more musicians in this tiny little whisky bar. Along with the local neighbours who were out walking their dogs (yes dogs in the bar until closing). I felt like a local in Glasgow (mind you I was there 3 weeks). The World Pipe Band Championships are in Glasgow Aug 15 and the week preceding there are some fun events you can attend if you like Celtic music. And.... a big bonus was we attended a Rangers and a Celtics game. Best sporting events I have ever been to. It was the highlight for my teens. My vote obviously is Glasgow. But you can easily take a train on a day trip to Edinburgh in a little over an hour.

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We walked Hadrian's Wall from just west of Newcastle to Carlisle. That's about 60 miles, and I think we took 6 days. We would have liked a rest day in the middle. (It's not a particularly strenuous walk, but the cumulative stress on your body does take its toll.)

As others have said, it's not in Scotland. I think the nearest major airport is Manchester. From there it's an easy train connection to Newcastle. I think you can also return to Manchester by train from Carlisle.

We walked in June, and had nice weather, but I suppose it's unpredictable. It's a great walk, with a number of historic sites along the way.

I hope you can work it out!