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golf at St.Andrews

My wife and I have an early morning tee time in mid-July and we will rent clubs.Anyone have info on the best way to pick rental clubs,practice at the driving range,dress for weather,have a beer afterwards?

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My husband, who has played there several times, says that there is no driving range (unless one has been built in the last three years). The weather can be very could be hot (shorts are allowed) or quite chilly so you may need a jacket or sweater and always be prepared for rain(rain gear advised). There are good pubs near by. He has always had his clubs, so he has no advice on renting. Have fun!

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Hi! I am sure that someone with direct experience will comment, but you also might want to pose this question on the TA Golf Vacation forum. They have people on that forum that are devoted to golf and know Scotland. If you don't hear anything from either here or that forum, try the St. Andrew's forum.


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You don't mention which of the courses you will be playing, but here goes. The rental clubs provided are quality Calaway clubs. There is a shuttle to and from St. Andrews Links Practice Centre. Dressing for the weather(?) Plan for the worst and hope for the best. I have gone from just wearing a golf shirt to full rain gear and back in the spaces of 6 holes. I would also recommend a caddie if you are playing the Old Course. Drinks afterwards, there is the St Andrews Links Club House, Dunvegan's, my personal favorite The Jigger Inn.

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My husband rented ( hope I can spell this correctly) from Auchterlonies. They are so used to doing this that you' won't have to worry about a thing. The clubs are quality and when he didn't like the way the Callaways played, they exchanged them for a set of Mizunos. He also decided to keep them longer and they had no problem with that - didn't even make him stop by the shop. You are going to have a fabulous time! We were there iin September during a heat wave. The whole area of town by the course is filled with golf lovers and perfect strangers will strike up a conversation over how you played, where you played, what you played with, etc..

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I can highly recommend The Keys Bar which is a pub right on the main street in St Andrews for a beer, whisky and food. It is our favorite place to visit in St Andrews especially after a day on the links. We shall be there in May and we enjoy it every year. The staff are extremely friendly and they have a very large selection of whiskies. Hope you will be able to visit there - you will not be disappointed if you are in the mood for a friendly pub in St Andrews.