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Golf at St. Andrews

Anyone of a way to get reservations for Golf and Stay at St. Andrews in September?

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A great B & B is Castlemount Hotel, I have stayed there twice and the hosts are wonderful. Right across the road from the castle and you can walk to the course. Tee time reservations might be a bit difficult getting now for September, you can always contact the course and see. I have played there twice and to play the Old Course they required us to book times at two of their other courses, too. If you can't get on the Old Course a tee time at the New Course (which is probably over 100 years old) is usually easy and to me it was actually a better experience and more interesting course than the Old Course. There are three or four other courses in the complex, too. If you are a single you may be able to get on the Old Course by checking in very early in the morning, probably before daybreak. One other thing, last time I was there the Old Course was closed on Sundays so the locals (and tourists) could just walk the course and enjoy a picnic! Nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

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My dad has played the Old Course twice. Both times, he signed on as a single in the early morning, and was placed in a foursome. He also had to have a letter from his home pro stating his handicap.

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And here's some more advice from the locals at TA's Golf Forum. I've had friends tell me that this is helpful. It's a bit old, but you could also post your own question either at that forum or the St. Andrews' forum. It looks like you need to have a double at least to request a reservation. And it looks like people post on the Golf Forum searching for partners. It does sound like the early AM single option is feasible. You might want to scan the St. Andrews forum for more advice.

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Is this a single player or a group? My husband did this as a single and had to line up early (at 4:45 am in Sept he was #4). Then they get matched with a group that has less than a foursome. it will depend on how many groups are going out that day with less than a foursome. Groups still have to apply for the ballot and then hope they get selected. They used to have tee time that were handed out, but they closed in Sept. So, if you missed that window, you applied for the ballot. You have to show an accepted proof of handicap.

When we went, I emailed my question to the website and they were pretty nice about explaining it all.
It's quite a memory.

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St. Andrews used to require a letter from your pro, certifying or verifying your handicap meets a certain threshold (I don't know what the threshold is). Presumably they still make this a requirement of playing there.

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If you do not already have a tee time there are 2 ways to get on and play the Old Course. You can do what a previous poster has mentioned and show up early and hope to be paired with a group(I've done this with some success). There is also the ballot(I have also done this with some success). There are also the Castle Course, New Course, Jubilee Course, Eden Course, Strathtyrum Course and Balgove Course that can be played. Also as was previously mentioned a golf handicap certificate is required, and the maximum handicap allowed for men is 24 and for women the maximum handicap is 36.

I myself enjoy the New Course, Eden Course and the Jubliee course.

Also one other fun golf thing to do at St Andrews is play the Himilayan Putting course.

For more information about St Andrews Golf, check out there we site