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Going to Aberdeen

For five days in early October. Looks like there are quite a few places to go within a 60 to 90 minute drive. Anyone with thoughts on must-see places to go while in that region? And what about Aberdeen?

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And what about Aberdeen?

How many ways are you going to ask the same question? :)

I'm sticking with Pam in the other thread. It's just one more city and a very expensive one for Britain at that. You'd be done with the old part by lunch. The main thing is, as you've been told, it's out on the edge of the good stuff instead of in the middle of it all.

Aberdeenshire, however, has over a hundred stone circles, some of which are excellent. You can hive them out on the Megalithic Portal.

If you're still muddling on where to stay in the area, Pam's suggestion of Ballater is excellent since it's in the middle of the Cairngorms. Another idea is Huntly since it's sort of midway between the northern coast and the national park - - it has a couple of good small hotels and three or four places to eat.