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Glasgow School of Art--progress report

Hi all, I know a lot of people who go to Scotland and Glasgow want to visit the Glasgow School of Art and sadly, last year there was a tragic fire which destroyed the Rennie Mackintosh Library. Here's an article that gives an update on the evaluation of the wreckage. A lot was destroyed, but they are struggling to put a good face on it and now to determine the future library.

The good news is that you can still visit GSA and they have exhibits.

Has anyone been since the fire? Can anyone report on what the visit is like and who would enjoy it?


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We were in Glasgow 2 days after the fire. I hope to hear some good news of recovery.

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Pamela, I'm glad you posted this. I first heard about the fire in an online Islay whisky newspaper in January. It seemed like the fire damage was still being surveyed in preparation for rebuilding. Art schools all over the world have donated student gallery space for GSA art students to finish their degree work, even China.

We were shocked at the news of the fire and the destroyed library. Both of us are librarians and we have visited the Mackintosh Library on several of our trips to Scotland. It was the most beautiful library I have ever seen.

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We visited the school in October. We had a GREAT student tour guide, who took us all around the exterior and various Mackintosh-related spots in the neighborhood (Glasgow Society of Lady Artists, Willow Tea Room, etc.). While we would've loved to have seen the inside of the school, we weren't expecting it and really enjoyed our tour. The gift shop where we all met for the tour was excellent, too. We got lots of little gifts for family back home and the students who worked there were lovely and helpful.