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Glasgow Airport to Queen Street train station

Hi there,

I am planning to fly into Glasgow airport from London Stansted on a Saturday in March. My flight arrives at 10:00. Do you think it is feasible to book a train that leaves Queen Street station at 12:00? I am willing to pay for a taxi if necessary.

Thank you!


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Are you trying to catch a train to Edinburgh? It's likely that you can do this, and take the bus, but I would not bother to book the train, but rather buy a ticket when you get to the station. It's very easy to do and eliminates the stress of trying to catch a specific train. The trains to Edinburgh are very frequent.

If you are traveling elsewhere and thus have a very specific train to catch, then I would still say that you have a good chance of making the train. But there are always things that can go wrong.


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Thank you, that is reassuring! I am catching a specific train to Ft William, not to Edinburgh, So I hope the timing will work out.

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I've taken the 12:00 to Ft. William. It's a beautiful trip.

As long as your flight arrives on time, you could take the Airport bus to Queen St. Station. It won't take more than 20-30 minutes depending on traffic.