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Get your own Scottish Island!

Deer Island, 11 uninhabited acres, is up for auction, starting at £80,000. Expected sale price is expected to be around £200,000 - less than $280,000. With the savings, you could afford to put in a helipad for the castle you might be building. Or you could just leave it as a red squirrel sanctuary. Maybe the next Bond villain’s lair?

If anyone here had the money, would you bid on this bit of Highlands solitude? What would you do with it?

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I like your thinking with the Bond villain lair.

It strikes me as being as much of a deal as those $1 homes in Italy end up. I'm going to need an unlimited budget and then the first thing I'll do is tow it to a more Mediterranean climate.

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Nope. For that money and effort I want an ocean view. The squirrels can have it.

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If I had the money, yes I would buy it and I like the idea of leaving it as a nature sanctuary - no people. I might put in some kind of boat docking facility so I could visit now and then. :)

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I need to hide this from my husband. He's always wanted his own island and his family was cleared from Barra. So he'd think of this as only right.

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Trotter, No Man is an Island, but your husband could have one. He could retake Scotland, starting with this bit. But if that’s going to create any difficulties, maybe other islands await, elsewhere. :-)

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The neighboring ruin of Castle Tioram is situated, according to Wikipedia, on a "tidal island," but when I examine the map it looks like its location is part of the Scottish mainland. There seems to be a fairly solid connection between Glenfinnan and Lochailort.

Edited: Apparently the castle sits on a small, rocky piece of land (Eilan Tioran) that is a tidal island. You have to walk across a causeway to access the castle, and the interior is closed because of danger of falling masonry. The Google map doesn't zoom in tightly enough to show how/where this piece of land is separated from the mainland.

Sorry, I just love maps and tracing down geographic puzzles.