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Fringe Festival

We will be in Edinburgh in August and have been told that the Fringe Festival is a must see/must do. We only have 1 day. What are the highlights we should try to see? Thanks

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The Fringe has thousands of performances in hundreds of venues with multiple performers in the same venue on the same day. No two days are probably the same in a single venue. Some tickets are long ago sold out. Nobody can tell you what's available on an unknown single day. Wander around and watch the street performers. Enjoy the party. Hide if you don't like crowds and mobs.

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No one can tell you the highlights. The Fringe Festival is huge and consists of many, many acts and performances. If you just walk down The Royal Mile you'll see some of the street performers. The Fringe Festivals are one of many festivals happening in Edinburgh in August and they often overlap. Go to the What's On section of their site to see what is currently scheduled. Other places now have Fringe Festivals, but Edinburgh's was the first. As Wikipedia will tell you the Fringe started in 1947 when eight theatre companies showed up uninvited to the Inaugural Edinburgh International Festival. The latter festival is juried and by invitation. Its schedule is set. At the same time you have the Military Tattoo going on at the Castle. The Book Festival is also in August.


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We're going to be in Edinburgh the first week of August, just before the "main" International Festival begins, but right when the Festival Fringe starts. As Pam noted, various festivals overlap during August. Depending on the one day you'll be there, one or more festivals may be operating. Their Websites can give you an idea of what's available (especially if it's something that needs tickets and reservations), but we're looking forward to finding some spontaneous acts (many of which we understand are free).

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As Pam and Cyn point out, no one can tell you the highlights of the Festival Fringe until its over. Some of what you may see will be brilliant, works of genius etc. Some you will want to leave the country after five minutes of being in the theatre. Have a look at what is on offer, see what you like and go and see it if it tickles your fancy.

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If you have a chance, the Military Tattoo makes for a fun night at the castle. I really enjoyed it.

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Woohoo! We are going to the Tattoo next month! Long time on my wish list. Traveling to the Tattoo from our Glasgow stop.

There were tickets available to assorted Fringe events when I searched. However, the ones that interested us are later in the day, and we must return to cruise ship rather early on our full Edinburgh day. So we shall just enjoy street performances as we can. Hope to visit the Castle as well as Holyroodhouse.