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FREE Walking Tour of Glasgow

Is there a good, FREE (other than tips, of course) walking tour (with personal guide) that will take us around Glasgow for 1-2 hours? Do they have a website and do I need to make a reservation? I'm sure Rick Steves has one in his book and on the app, but we were looking for an actual person to conduct the tour. Thanks

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I don't know of one, but wanted to mention that you will find varying opinions on these forums about the relative value of free tours (where the guide inevitably spends a fair amount of time asking for tips) and tours you pay for.

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It is important to know that the companies offering "free" tours do not so out of altruism. They have to make money somehow, and the way they do it is by charging the guides for each person who shows up. Rick has commented on this somewhere, and I believe he said the guides typically have to turn over 3 to 3.50 euros per tour member, no matter how much or how little they receive in tips. I wouldn't be surprised if the head tax is 3 to 3.50 pounds in Scotland. So please tip generously; don't expect the guide to work for free or--worse--to go in the hole because you chose to take the tour.