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Flight Glasgow to London

So we are from America, flying from Glasgow to London City Center- now since we are traveling only within the UK I am thinking we wouldnt have to deal with customs but should we still have to be there 2 hours before our flight because we are not local/from UK? We dont have any bags to check (all within carry on requirements).

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It is a domestic flight, no customs and more importantly no immigration (passport control).
You will have to show ID to the airline at check-in, that is your passport.

It makes no difference to the time you need to be at the airport whether you are from the UK or not, as their are no border controls.
It does make a difference which airline you are flying with, some airlines have lax short time limits, some have longer strictly enforced ones. Check on your airline's website.

I would expect (but please check) that being at the check-in desk 1 hour before is OK.