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ferry from belfast to scotland..edinburgh bound

we're using public transport only..need to ferry to scotland and hop a train to edinburgh. we'll be staying near Queen's in Belfast. i'm sure our hotel people will help us, but i wanted to get a better idea than i can get from the ferry websites. thanks! (august 11 is the ferry day)

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It's Belfast to Cairnryan, then a bus down to Stranraer where there's a train station.

Or else get up to Larne and take the ferry to Troon and press on from there.

I don't know all the details and never have cared to learn them, mainly because it'd be an eight or nine hour project. There's this thing called an airplane that will do the job in an hour at the same price.

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I would love to visit Europe, but have been told by my doctors that I should not fly on planes anymore. What options do I have to get to Europe (Iceland, Ireland, UK) via boats?

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Hi Joanna,

Would you consider flying? Belfast has 2 airports with different air lines. easyJet is out of Belfast International and Flybe out of Belfast City (cuute little airport, I was there in April). Yes, you have to arrive early at an airport (but it's domestic, so less time than int'l) and less than an hour flight. I took a ferry one time and got sea sick, so now the thought of a ferry ride gives me the queasies :-)

Info for you to try .. and follow the links. I put in two adults for next week and though cheaper than easyJet on the same day, flying would be 3-4 hours from leaving your accommodation and the sail/rail is almost 7 hours with the ferry, a bus, and two trains to get to Edinburgh.

Enjoy your travels, whichever choice!

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thanks so much for the replies. our son confirmed the diagnosis of a plane being preferable...