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Falkirk Wheel/Kelpies

Looking for some honest opinions here. I'm planning my third trip to Scotland this May and I have one day at the end of the trip left to play with. I'll be staying in Glasgow near the airport (I fly out early the next morning) and am looking for a day trip from Glasgow (by train) to end my trip with. I've read about the Kelpies and the wheel and they sound neat, but part of me thinks that they both seem like the kind of thing where you get there, take a couple pictures/watch for a few minutes and then say, "okay, what's for lunch?" I feel like if I went there it might just be to check them off a list. (maybe I'm answering my own question.) I'm looking for the kind of day trip where you spend some time exploring somewhere new, maybe see an attraction or two, wandering to find a cute place for lunch, etc.

So I guess I'd love to hear from someone that either yes, it's worth the hassle of getting there by train from Glasgow because it's amazing and you can spend all day there, or I'd like someone to confirm my theory that it probably isn't worth spending my last day doing this and I should instead pick a castle or something to visit. Thanks!

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Given the amount of travel to get from the airport into Glasgow, then out to Falkirk, and then between the Kelpies and the Wheel, I would suggest you are better looking at going into Glasgow proper and see a few of its museums.