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Fair Isle Lodge & Bird Observatory

Has anyone stayed at the Fair Isle Lodge & Bird Observatory? Would late May or late June be better?

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Did you see about the fire that happened about two years ago? Look here where they expect to open in 2023. That gives you lots of time to research! I had always thought that for Orkney the best time was June, but here'a website where you can get the straight scoop and not just my faulty memory. As Orkney is south of Fair Isle the best time might be July there. I found another great link for Shetland. But look at this great website! They give you a month-by-month calendar!

BTW if you like mysteries and like reading books set in the places that you are visiting check out Anne Cleeves books. They are wonderful mysteries primarily in Shetland, but they go to Fair Isle upon occasion.


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Are you birding? If so late May may be better for migratory birds. There are in dications that the migrants are arriving slightly earlier...

If you are more interested in wild flowers, then late June...

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Pamela. Thanks for Cleeves tip. I just now reserved one at the library.
Wasleys. Your advice and Pamela's suggested sites means I will probably plan to arrive May 23rd.
We'll probably begin in the Shetlands and then drive slowly down the west coast to meet group on June 4. I''m more of a wannabe birder. I hope UK and USA are all vaccinated and open to travel. I haven't looked yet, but I'd love to see whales if it's the right time of year, and of course the ponies.