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Exchange money

Hi does Edinburgh airport have a place inside where we can exchange our money into Scottish money? Will be needing it for the taxi.


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FYI they will take GBP as well. So, if you've been in England, no need to worry about exchanging money. Also, there are ATM's in the airport that you can use.

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Don't convert US cash to pounds. The only way to do that at the airport will be at a currency exchange desk/office. You'll get horrible exchange rates. Use your debit card at one of the bank ATMs at the airport. Your bank may charge a fee for each transaction you make, but if done properly (drawing the maximum allowed a few times rather than a lot of small withdrawals) you'll still be better off.

Make sure, before you leave home, that your bank/credit union knows that you'll be using the card abroad. And make sure your pin is 4 numbers.

In the thread you posted 5/20, Edgar posted a link to Rick's money tips. You will find it very useful to read.

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Unless you are arriving at antisocial hours, it's just as easy and considerably cheaper to take the tram from the airport into the city centre. Taxis at rush hour will crawl all the way due to congestion.

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teani, ATMs are definitely the way to go. Use them abroad just as you do at home.

I'm curious? Didn't you go to Scotland back in 2015? What did you about money then?

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Yes Kathy I did. I used my cc to pay for everything. But don't want to do that this time. It was a hassle finding a cab that took cc.

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I would recommend having enough sterling to cover the trip, and then going the ATM route.

For ATMs go for the main banks - Bank of Scotland, Royal Bank of Scotland, Clydesdale Bank, TSB, the others will charge a hefty fee for doing the same these will do for less.

Halifax is also Bank of Scotland, NatWest is Royal Bank of Scotland, and the supermarkets are one of them or the English banks with a false moustache.

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As a rule, the least expensive way of getting local currency is from an ATM at your destination.
However, it's always a good idea, in my opinion, to have some local currency in hand when you land. Getting a two or three hundred of the local currency from your local bank will cost you a little more, but it eliminates the hassle of trying to find a machine, the stress of hoping it works (they do occasionally malfunction), and doing it all while somewhat jet lagged. To me the small amount extra it cost to have money in hand when arriving is money well spent, and the extra cost relative to the overall cost of the trip is not, in my opinion, that much. Just one point of view

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Instead of using a taxi from the airport, take the Airlink 100 bus to the Waverley train station. I believe you can use your credit card to purchase your ticket at the booth outside the airport terminal. There is a Barclays Bank right across Princes street from the Waverley station with ATMs, and if you're a Bank of America customer there are no ATM fees for withdrawals.

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I'm sure there are places to exchange USD to GBP. Airports usually have the worst exchange rates. Exchange before going over, when you arrive, or using an ATM is a matter of personal preference.