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Entering Scotland from US or EU This Week

Hi all,

I am confirming that the current rules to enter Scotland (changing planes in London) for vaccinated travelers are as follows:

No pre-travel Covid test necessary
Take Covid test within 2 days after arrival

At Passport control, must have:
Proof of Covid test ordered

Am I missing anything for travel this week?

Thank you in advance!

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You need to complete your Passenger Locator Form before checking in, and you must include on that form the code given to you when you book and pay for your Day 2 Test.

Everything else looks correct. You will show your PLF to the airline check in before you leave USA.

Unless this is for the girls - in which case all the same but they need to show the PLF before boarding in Germany or Spain or wherever they are going from.

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Thanks Nigel! The small group is coming from both the US and EU for COP26.