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england to scotland to dublin

i am planning a trip to u.k soon..
so i need some help in finding best possible routes.
how would i go to edinburgh from london ? i want to travel by bus or train to have b'ful views and then is there any bus or train from edinburgh to dublin..if yes..then i would love to know the charges .
it would be very much helpful if i get to know about budget stay in london , edinburgh and dublin..i'll start my trip on 20th dec for 10 days !!

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Do you have any guidebooks for these places? They would be a tremendous help with budget lodgings, restaurants, etc.

Most important thing first: London completely shuts down on December 25, and then has very limited transit for the days after. I don't know about your other cities, but you must plan carefully for that day, or you could be stranded with no food.

For transportation, Rome2Rio is a good start, but be sure to look directly at the website of the train company, bus operator, etc to confirm prices and schedules.

For getting between these cities by train, the rail guru The Man In Seat 61 will tell you all the options. Here's his page on London to Edinburgh:

Here's his page on Ireland.

If you look at his route map on the Ireland page, you'll see that Edinburgh to Dublin requires multiple changes, so even though he is quite anti-flying, you may prefer a short flight. To find flight options, use Skyscanner:

Be aware the airlines on this route are budget carriers, meaning that the prices starts out low, but they charge for all kinds of extras, and enforce their rules strictly. So, be sure to go to the airline's website and do a dummy booking (up to the point where you put in your credit card) to learn all their fees and their rules.

For budget lodging, you can look at EuroCheapo:
or Hostelworld:
or Hostelbookers:

If you want more specific lodging recommendations, you'll need to state your budget, in actual currency ("budget" means different things to different people).

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I've gone from Edinburgh to Dublin. You cannot go between the two cities by bus or train because the Irish Sea separates them. You have three choices.

  1. You can take the ferry from western Scotland to Belfast. The Stenaline ferry leaves from Cairnryan, Scotland, to Belfast: Look into it, as there are probably other lines from the western shore of Scotland. Then you take the train from Belfast to Dublin. Irish Rail probably has a dozen or more trains daily between the two cities:

  2. You can swing back south from Edinburgh to Wales. Irish Ferries has a popular route from Holyhead, Wales, to Dublin:

  3. Fly between Edinburgh and Dublin.

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Thank you very much for such a response..
I'll get the guide book as well.

And please tell me between 25 Dec and 2nd Jan will I be able to get hostels there..?

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I've stayed in hostels in Ireland in the fall, but not between late December and early January. My guess they'll be open in large cities, like London, Edinburgh and Dublin. The hostels might be closed in small- and mid-size towns. Check with the Hostelling International:

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Don't plan on moving around on Christmas Day unless you pay for very expensive Christmas taxi fares.

Virtually no public transport moves on the 25 Dec.