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Edinburgh - which location would you choose for hotel?

I am planning a solo UK trip for October and will be staying in Edinburgh 5-6 nights. I would like to stay in an aparthotel and think I have it narrowed down to two. I’ve looked at street view in Google Maps so have a general idea of the surroundings, but for those who have been to Edinburgh before, do either of these locations stand out as being better than the other? They are less than 1/2 mile apart, so there may not be much difference. Other than one day trip, I plan on spending my time in Edinburgh visiting museums, the castle and parks. Between these two, which would you choose? Or, if you've stayed in a different aparthotel that you liked, I'm all ears!

Native Edinburgh – on Queen Street 2 mins north of Charlotte Square
Destiny Scotland New Town - on Thistle Street just south of Queen Street Gardens

Thanks for any insight!

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I do not know anything a bout the properties, but b both locations are great, quiet, and easy access around Edinburgh. As the second location is further east, it would amount to a it less walking to the many sights, as you will generally be heading east to get started.

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Both look lovely!
I lived in Edinburgh as a child, then back again as a student, then worked there for a few years afterward.
Pre pandemic, I visited my family and friends there frequently.
Edinburgh is lovely in the Fall, with plenty of colour on the trees.
If I were you, I would choose the one on Queen Street, to get the Edinburgh experience of staying in a real traditional Edinburgh townhouse.
There is a bit of traffic going along that street, as it's an artery; but on Thistle Street there may be noise from people going to and from restaurants and pubs.
You would walk uphill a few blocks to Princes Street from Queen St; and also from Thistle Street: still uphill but less distance.
I lived in basic flats as a student and after, so it it were me, I would want to stay in lovely Queen Street.

I vote for Queen Street!

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I second it! Definitely an experience to stay in Edinburgh.

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I'd prefer the Thistle Street one simply because its slightly closer to the sights (except if you want to head to Dean Village). I should tell you that this part of Thistle Street becomes very quiet by evening - thats an advantage if you are looking for a quiet place (you can head to the nearby Rose Street for lively restaurants).

I stayed in the Grassmarket area last time I went to Edinburgh - its a very lively place and I actually enjoy that. But more importantly, it's very close to the Royal Mile and many of the sights that you'd end up going to.

P.S.: You may try out the Fishers in the City restaurant if you're in Thistle Street. A bit of splurge, but their seafood/fish dishes are excellent!

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Thanks everyone! It sounds like I really can't go wrong with either location. At this point I'm kinda hoping that one won't have availability when I'm ready to make the reservations - that way I won't have to make a decision! HA!

I'm happy to hear that Edinburgh is lovely in the fall! This is my first trip and I'm getting so excited.

Thanks also for the restaurant recommendation.