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Edinburgh weather early May?

Just wondering what is typical weather for Edinburgh the first week in May? Will arrive the 6th and leave the 11th. Thanks!

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Hi Diana. Try Looks like highs in the mid 50s and good chance of rain. Enjoy your trip!

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Last year a week later it rain every day slightly with one day of heavy rain and wind. Was generally chilly. Always had a rain jacket and a sweater along with cap and gloves.

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We were in Edinburgh mid-May several years ago. We experienced spring weather. Not hot, not too cold and occasional rain showers. For statistical data such as extreame highs, mean highs, mean lows and extreme lows:

Interesting that spring is the dryer season for Edinburgh. That is dryer, not dry:

Rainfall is generally well-distributed throughout the year. The
frequency of Atlantic depressions is normally greatest during the
autumn and winter but, unlike other parts of the UK, Scotland tends to
remain under their influence for much of the summer too. The wettest
months tend to be in autumn and early winter, whereas late winter and
spring is normally the driest part of the year.

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At that time of year, you could have four seasons in one day. Be prepared for rain. It may snow and it could be anywhere from very cold to quite warm. Our weather is becoming increasingly unpredictable.

So far, we have had an early cold spell, with snow earlier than normal, but it has been much drier than last winter.

Be prepared with layers and a good waterproof with a hood and waterproof shoes.

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I have lived in Edinburgh on and off for 60 years and I could not tell you what typical May weather might be.
Be prepared for anything ,early mornings and late evening can get very cold and during the day quite warm,well warm for Scotland .Wind and rain are likely as it bright sunshine .Hope for the best prepare for the worst.

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The one thing you should remember is that by May you will have a lot of daylight. The days are lovely and long in Scotland in the spring and summer. The first of May the sun rises at 5:30 and sets just before 9 PM. Sweet.