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Edinburgh to Oban - Best route

We're going to be in Scotland for a few weeks in early June. We're traveling from Edinburgh to Oban and I'm trying to figure out if its worth the detour to see Kilmartin Glen or just drive the shorter route directly from Inveraray to Oban. If it makes a difference, we're spending 3 days on Orkney, so I'm sure we'll see plenty of Neolithic sites there. Right now we're planning on stopping in Sterling, Dunblane and then following Ricks scenic route up to Inveraray (not planning on touring the castle or gardens, but seeing it from the bridge), so my guess is time might be a bit tight by the afternoon. Thoughts?

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We found Kilmartin Glen and nearby Dunadd hill fort interesting enough that we visited twice. Your choice depends on how much interest you have in prehistoric sites - Kilmartin Glen is one of the most important. If you decide to visit, maybe consider swapping Inveraray Castle for Kilchurn Castle. (However, we prefer our castles to be romantically ruined, not partially occupied stately homes.) Switching castles would shorten the drive to about 160 miles.

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Thanks Cynthia! Kilchurn is on the list for another day this trip. We too like our castles more ruined as well - I've seen so many interors now that they all start to look the same. Anything else that's off the radar that I need to be aware of on this route?

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I was looking for the museum related to this, but it looks like they are renovating. BUT you still might want to check out the guided walks. I loved that I could walk up to the top of Dunadd and see that footprint. :).

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I'll just mention that Inveraray is a charming town. You probably won't have time to see the castle if you are driving from Edinburgh to Oban in one day, but you might want to stop for a cup of tea at Brambles. (Check what time they stop serving food in the afternoon.)

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Having been to both Kilmartin Glen and Orkney, two times.... yes, do both.

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We really enjoyed the guided walking tour of Kilmartin Glen. It was well done by the volunteer and we made a donation as a result. There were sheep grazing in the Glen and a farmer employing his dog to herd them around. As we were examining the ancient standing stones, the RAF Tornado jets screamed over our heads. It happened again at Fort Augustus. Those planes just love to swoop through the glens and lakes. So exciting! (but I digress)