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Edinburgh to London

I will be traveling from Edinburgh to London at the end of July. I would like to get reserved train tickets ahead of trip. When would this be available? I keep checking the website to see if it has opened up. Thank you!

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You sure you want to spend all that time on a train? Flying is quick, pretty painless, and not expensive.

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Edinburgh to London by train isn't that long, and hardly any longer than flying once you account for getting out to the airport, being in advance of your flight, disembarking, (possibly waiting for lugggage), and then making it back into Edinburgh city center. The train is pleasant and easy and definitely within the time limits that work for me when considering flying vs. taking the train.

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Normally the advance booking fares appear around 8 to 12 weeks beforehand. Train is definitely the way to go, avoiding travel between the airports and city centres. The trains are pretty comfortable and generally reliable. Make sure you use the national rail portal, which links to the train operator websites, to avoid those sites that charge commission. is the one you want. National Rail

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We took the train from Edinburgh to London and we quite enjoyed it. We sat at a table and 3 different parties of 2 sat across from us through the journey. We had nice conversations with each of them. I definitely encourage the train over flying.

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Plus, the train is centre to centre.
Much more convenient than flying.

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We are taking the train at the end of May and just booked a week ago!
Have heard that it is a lovely train ride and I find train travel much more relaxing than plane travel.

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Check the website for specific advice regarding British trains. I'm traveling London to Edinburgh on LNER from Kings Cross station and Fort William to London Euston station of the Caledonian sleeper (overnight train). The seat61 website is a wealth of great rail travel information, worldwide.

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When I go from London to Edinburgh on business for the day, I always fly, but it’s usually a 5am start. If you want more sociable hours, take the train. Book 11 weeks out.

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I was just reading the Seat61 website. Thank you for the tip. The site said that advance tickets from London to Edinburgh can be as low as 26 gdp one way. It also said that advance tickets are only bought as one way tickets.

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We did the opposite route, but I did extensive research on the timing of the plane vs. train, and like others said, once you factored in the time you need to get to the airport, it made far more sense to take the train. It's easy and you are right in the city on both sides.