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Edinburgh Tattoo Seating

I plan to purchase tickets for the 2021 Edinburgh Tattoo, assuming that it is possible to visit the UK from the USA without a 14-day quarantine. I notice that the most expensive seats are in the equivalent of a US football stadium's "endzone" (directly facing the castle). This contrasts with seating for a US football game in which 50 yard line seats would be the most desirable whereas end zone seats the least desirable. I am interested in hearing from those who have previously attended the Tattoo: Did you sit in the "end zone"? If not, where did you sit? Any thoughts on whether "endzone" seats are worth the added expense?

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My thoughts: Seeing the tattoo with the castle as a backdrop is nicer than seeing it with other spectators as a backdrop.

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I think you can see the castle from nearly all of the seats, so it depends if you want to spend more money or not.
Maybe you could watch a couple off videos of the event to get an idea?
Looking at images, the Castle certainly takes centre stage in the event.
One thing: bundle up warmly, and take a cushion to put between you and the hard, cold seat!
It's "summer", but still will be chilly in the evenings.

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We’ve been to the Tattoo 3 times. The first time we sat in the “end zone” and the next two times near the “50 yard line”. I much prefer the “50 yard line” because you feel closer to the overall performers who often time fill up the whole “field” and you get the shallow version rather than the long deep view to look through. At the “50 yard line” you have a good view of the castle at all times and the performers coming through the gate to enter the “field”. You’ll love it!