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Edinburgh - shopping / stores

I am staying near the Royal Mile and I’m interested in going shopping. I’m not interested in typical tourist shops with magnets and t shirts s, but I am interested in a nice quality merino throw

Where are some of the best shopping areas that locals would use? Is new town a better option/area?

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This article details the main shopping areas. Shopping in Edinburgh

For a blanket or throw you might consider this place in Leith which gets good reviews (I've not visited so have no personal recommendation).

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Prince Street has lots of shopping with many major department stores there. There is also the St. James Centre at St. James Square. I strolled through there one day and there is some high end stuff.

George Street has some interesting shops. I stopped at the Scottish Design Exchange one day and loved looking through all the hand-crafted items they had - very nicely curated. There are also lots of other nice-looking shops and restaurants there. It's a fun street to walk down.

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There are decent shops on the Royal Mile amongst the rubbish, then along Princes Street, George Street and the parts in between as well as the large St. James Centre.

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As I remember, the gift shop of the Scottish Museum had some high quality, made in Scotland items, in all price ranges. I don't remember if they had throws, but but the Museum itself, and the gift shop, is worth a visit. Safe travels!

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The Scottish Textiles Showcase on St. Mary’s Street has some lovely products, all made in Scotland. I was looking for scarves and bags, so I can’t speak to throws in particular, but they have a website.

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Wow, great suggestions. We'll be there in a few weeks and can't wait. The products at the Scottish Textile Showcase look amazing.

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Yes the Royal Mile has quite a few ticky-tacky stores but there were also some gems along the way as I remember. We bought some very nice wool scarves, gloves, and hats. I also did buy some of the more touristy stuff for friends and coworkers back home with Scot surnames.

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Several of the Royal Mile shops are selling blended cashmere products ;(blended with nylon for instance) that are produced in India but sometimes you can find non blended Scottish produced items.

Scottish Textile Showcase is SUPER!! Thank you to whomever recommended that shop.

Johnson Of Elgin produces Scottish clothing and home goods made of wool including merino and cashmere. It is located in New Town and has BEAUTIFUL products but it is expensive. Some of the Royal Mile stores do carry Johnson of Elgin - so check the labels.

Expensive but beautiful —

Thanks all!!