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Edinburgh Military Tattoo

My boyfriend and I will be in Edinburgh during the last week of August and have tickets to attend the Military Tattoo.

Does anyone know if they have seat cushions for rent? Or is their a good place to purchase an inexpensive seat cushion? I have an old tailbone injury that makes sitting on hard plastic for a couple of hours not very enjoyable. And I'd rather not waste luggage space on a seat cushion that I will most likely on use once on the hole trip!

Also, how cool does it potentially get in the evenings? We'll have rain jackets and fleece jackets, but I'm wondering if we should bring things like gloves, hats, long underwear/leggings for beneath pants, etc. My boyfriend thinks I'm crazy for thinking I might want long underwear, but I get cold easily when just sitting.

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If you have issues sitting on hard surfaces for any length of time, you might want to buy an inflatible seat cushion to bring along on your trip. While I haven't attended the Tattoo recently--last visit was 10 years ago, I have attended 2 other outdoor events in the past 2 years and I hired 2 cushions because they were so thin. I made sure they had spares before I asked for a second cushion.

When I googled cushion hire for the Tatoo it appears that they were offered as recently as last summer but people called them thin cushions.

As far as weather and getting cold, the weather can be quite unpredictable in Edinburgh in August. Two years ago when we had family members in Edinburgh during the last week in July the daytime temperatures were rarely in the 60s. If you look at a good 10 day forecast prior to going you'll have a better idea of what to expect. If I were prone to getting chilled, I'd minimally pack a thin long underwear layer, thin gloves to keep in my fleece jacket's pocket and a warm hat. Last summer we attended an outdoor opera that went on during a pouring rain for more than an hour. We were glad to have a tiny folded poncho to pull out because umbrellas weren't allowed at the opera nor are they allowed at the Tattoo.

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Yolanda, don't worry. The Highland Military tattoo at Fort George is Sept. 8-10, 2017. We went last year and it was spectacular. It is much smaller than the Edinburgh one, but it is also more authentic with several local groups of pipers and dancers as well as military bands. Food and drink vendors abound and there are even fireworks at the end of the show. It is WAY cheaper than Edinburgh as well. We stayed in Inverness and took advantage of special buses transporting people to Fort George (a military base) where the tattoo is held.

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Ft. George is an especially cool location for a military tattoo. But more authentic? I wouldn't use that description. I have been to military tattoos in Edinburgh, Edmonton Alberta, and Ft Drum NY. The tattoo at Ft. Drum would be the most "authentic" as there be pipes and drums of the Canadian militia regiments that were training with us. No local pipers or dancers, purely military.

That being said, the Edinburgh tattoo is world class and I would love to go to a tattoo at Ft. George!

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It's usually a good idea to have gloves and a scarf or hat. You can always do as I did more than once, though, and pick up a nice tartan wool scarf once you are there. I also have a very cheap blue wool cap with a lovely saltire from the time when I couldn't find a good woolen shop. :) Do bring closed toed shoes and warm socks as well as light weight socks. I think that cold feet is the worst.

And have to say that the Magellen Cushion looks pretty good. Might like one myself!