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My wife and I are planning our trip for next year. We have split it up into two separate sections with one being in the southern part of Scotland and the other being in the north. We originally planned on staying in Edinburgh for the southern part of our trip but here of recent, I have been debating on staying in Falkirk or Sterling. Being as we are taking the train while we are in the south it would put us in the middle of everything and i would think the room prices would be much cheaper not staying in Edinburgh.

What do you all think?

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Hi, sfisher1975,

Well, first of all, it's Stirling, not Sterling. Common mistake. But you're right, it would be cheaper to stay there, generally speaking, than in Edinburgh. Stirling is a nice town, and you'd be in close proximity to the castle. Stirling is like Edinburgh in miniature. Falkirk is good as well. You'd be close to the Falkirk Wheel, which joins the Union Canal to the Forth and Clyde Canal. It's an impressive feat of modern engineering.

The Premier Inn in central Stirling is quite nice, and it's next to the train station. You didn't say when you're traveling, but if it's not in high season, their rates should be fairly competitive, especially if you book on line. With Premier Inns, you know that you're getting a comfy bed, a good shower, and a very clean room. The farther ahead you book, the better their prices will be. They don't include breakfast in their rates, but you can purchase breakfast there for an extra cost, or go to one of the excellent cafes nearby. Or if you really want to economize, the Scottish restaurant (McDonald's) is a five minute walk from the hotel.

Have a wonderful holiday!

Mike (auchterless)

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We stayed in both Stirling and Edinburgh. We used only public transport and it worked well, including a trip to the Falkirk Wheel. We took a cab from the Falkirk station to the wheel and the city bus back. There wasn't that big of a price difference between the two for 2 passengers so I think I would go cab both ways another time.

We stayed at the Premeir Inn York Place in Edinburgh and were quite pleased. It is located with the tram from the airport at the front door. I found that I enjoyed Stirling Castle much more than EdinburghCastle but you should make up your own mind on this :)