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Edinburgh Food

Hello All!

My parents (baby boomers, not great with technology) will be leaving for the UK in two weeks. My mother is a wonderful cook/baker and is dying to find wonderful bakeries to try in Edinburgh. Any suggestions?

Also, best place for a Scotch egg? They’ve had an Americanized version and want to try the real deal.

Thirdly, any good little restaurants you can recommend would be much appreciated!

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Also, best place for a Scotch egg? They’ve had an Americanized version
and want to try the real deal.

I'm sure you can get them in Edinburgh, but I hope you are aware that Scotch eggs are an English dish? So for the "real deal", they should travel a bit further south.

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Emma, do you favour wild haggis or farm-raised haggis for the scotch eggs?

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What you will probably find in Scotland are scotch eggs where the pork
wrapping the egg is replaced with haggis. Obviously these are seasonal
as a decent haggis is difficult to catch during the winter months!

But to be fair, I think few non-Scottish people can tell the difference between a scotch egg made with wild haggis and one made with farm raised haggis.

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Scotch eggs are definitely not Scottish and I seldom if ever see them on a menu anywhere.
haggis season is actually over the winter,starts 30th November (St Andrews day) and finishes in the 25th January (Burns night),wild haggis is far superior to the farmed stuff but some of the farms on the lowland hills do produce some good stuff.

this is a very old thread from Trip advisor it may be of interest to you.prices will be well out of date.

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OK, they’re likely not in the running for a Michelin Star anytime soon, but nevertheless, “Oink!” in Edinburgh - 2 locations, at opposite ends of the Royal Mile - is Scottish roasted pork, using local Scottish pigs, and their pork sandwiches are truly sublime dining.

With or without a little Haggis added on the sandwich, the pork is flavorful, tender, and wonderfully memorable. They’re open each day while the pork lasts, so if they get there for lunch they’ll be very glad they did. From another baby boomer, to like souls, please make sure they put Oink! on their must-do list.

A bit higher on the Edinburgh Fine Dining spectrum, on our last trip to Edinburgh, we also had lunch one day along Calton Hill in the New Town at chef Paul Kitching’s One-star 21212. Really special!

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On the subject of haggis, you do need to be careful. Around 140 people a year are killed by marauding haggis. There's also a variety of mildly venomous haggis only found in the Pentland Hills. It has toxic drool. Causes a really nasty rash if it gets you.

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My daughter spent 5 months studying abroad in the beautiful city of Edinburgh.
She compiled a list of favorite places to eat. You'll find her list on this post

Wishing your parents a wonderful trip!

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My favorites are Soderberg and Peters Yard (but they are mainly Swedish pastries). The location on Simpson Loan is next to The Meadows, which is lovely for a walk. They also serve lunch. Lovecrumbs is another good bakery/coffee shop.

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Café St. Honore is a place I enjoyed very much. I had dinner there twice, arriving right after they opened and getting a table for which they had a reservation perhaps 90 minutes later. I had to promise not to dawdle, which I was happy to do as a solo traveler. Folks seeking a leisurely meal or not wanting to eat really early should definitely make a reservation. The website refers to fresh Scottish produce prepared in the French style, which seems an apt description. Prices are reasonable for the quality by Edinburgh standards. The location is in the New Town just off Thistle Street. Very highly recommended.

I also had a very good Turkish meal at Pera. The menu didn't offer just the typical kebabs. I am not an expert--at all--on Turkish food, but I was seriously impressed; the person in the kitchen wasn't a bargain-basement short-order cook, for sure. The place looks like a hole in the wall and isn't particularly convenient to the areas of Edinburgh where most folks stay. It's on Elm Row, which becomes Leith Walk a few blocks farther out. At least some of the buses returning to the city from Leith go past the restaurant. The location is just a few blocks farther out than York Place and the Edinburgh Playhouse. However, when I returned a few weeks later (it was that good), the restaurant was open, but there was a sign on the window, "Experienced chef wanted". While I assume the owner/manager had something to do with the quality of my original meal and tried to find a good replacement chef, I cannot vouch for whoever is currently in the kitchen. Incidentally, there is a Pera restaurant in London, in Islington. I don't think there's any connection between the two.

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Mimi’s Bakehouse on the Royal Mile is absolutely wonderful. Delectable scones and cupcakes and tray bakes, clearly all homemade.

250 Canongate

There is also apparently a location in Leith, I am sure it is great as well.

It is small — I happened to luck into a seat, but I saw lots of people leave when they looked in and saw the place was full. Hopefully they will get there at a time they can find a table, or will be taking their baked goods to go!

Highly recommended.