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Edinburgh Festival Suggestions

Have you attended a performance during the Edinburgh International Festival or Fringe Festival which you loved? I'd welcome any suggestions you may have. We're traveling with our two teenagers to Edinburgh in early August. Unfortunately Royal Military Tattoo is sold out while we're in town.
Thanks in advance for your help-

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Hi Jennifer,

The performers will all be out on the Royal Mile in costume and handing out flyers for their performances. It's like a theater smorgasbord. Just choose whatever looks good to you.


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Yes, go to the Royale Mile. You can look online of course, to see what would be interesting, but I struggled with that as everything I liked was sold out. :( The book fest was also on when I was there so I checked it out. I think if I were there again on an unexpected visit, I would try to find one of the comedy shows in the Fringe. And check out what's on at The Royal Mile. :)


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well I have attended events at the International festival and fringe for most of my life and I am 60 years old now so have a bit of experience..I very seldom plan anything and just go with the flow, visit plays or shows I fancy on the day.there is usually a half price hut above Waverley mall so worth checking deals there.Get a copy of the programme , there is thousands of shows from early morning till early morning and every genre of entertainment catered for just get stuck in.
My nephew (Niall Hogan) who is a professional actor with be taking part in Dirty Glitter by Naughty Corner productions and it has had some great reviews.I will be going there.
as has been said go to the Royal mile and enjoy the atmosphere, there are stages where groups perform excerts from their shows and there is street entertainment.

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We had planned to be in Edinburgh for the festivities this year, but our plans had to be changed. We had two tickets for the Tattoo for Thursday, August 11th. When Denis sent an e-mail to the office asking how they handled things in the event of cancellations he was told that they could refund our money, minus a fee, only if someone bought those tickets, and that they would not offer them for resale until the event was sold out. Now, I don't know how you would go about inquiring as to their availability, but perhaps it's worth looking into for you. Maybe you could find another pair of cancelled ones as well?


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Sadly we're leaving on August 11! Thanks so much for your offer and sorry it doesn't work with our travel plans.