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Edinburgh as only visit in Scotland?

We have 3 days after our visit to Ireland and Northern Ireland. I would like to visit Scotland but thought Edinburgh would be a great first experience. We would fly Belfast to Edinburgh and then onto home. is it a good use of time? I will optimistically assume it will not be my only trip to Scotland.

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Hi, Susan,

Well, hey, I'm a little prejudiced, so I have to say that I'd prefer to spend all my time in Scotland, and then three days in Dublin!

Having said that, though, if you're going to have only three days in Scotland (personally, I need at least three weeks each time), then Edinburgh would be the place. You can learn so much about the history of Scotland there, and get a feeling for the people. Second choice would be Glasgow.

PLEASE don't make this your only trip to Scotland! But enjoy yourselves while you're there!

Best wishes,

Mike (Auchterless)

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Thank you so much. We went to Dublin, south and west in 2017. This time we are going to go Galway, north and Northern Ireland for 10 days.

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I agree, Edinburgh is great and you can see a lot in 3 days. Flying from Ireland is relatively quick (allow time for airport security as anywhere, naturally) and affordable. Be aware that the airline may use a far-flung tarmac so that passengers have to take a shuttle bus from terminal to plane, and plane to terminal upon landing. You may have to show your boarding pass to get on the bus, and again to mount the stairs onto the plane.

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what dates are you hoping to be in Edinburgh, August is the real manic busy time with all the various festivals going on

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We flew into Edinburgh and spent three nights (2 1/2 days) there before flying on to Cork for a three week stay in Ireland and we really enjoyed the experience. Edinburgh is a lovely city with so much to see and do-- I think it would definitely be well worth the time!

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Visit your local library and see if they have any travel books for Edinburgh. All of the major publishers have a city-specific volume. (I have them all.)
I’ll be in city in just a few weeks (April 2019) and I’ve booked several leisure days. Should even have time to ride the train to Glasgow.

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Edinburgh is my favorite city in the world and it is a GREAT introduction to Scotland. It is a great use of time to spend three days there as the city is small and you will be able to get in most of the big sights.

Edinburgh Castle is expensive but it really is worth it. If you feel like splurging on it and like tours, I suggest you book a tour through Sandeman's. Ask for Alasdair. He's a great local guide and friend. Do not bother with the audio guide.

My only other must-do recommendation is have a pint at the Jingling Geordie, you'll likely bump into a local there.

And of course, do not forget to return.