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Edinburgh Airport problems? FastTrack worth it?

I have been reading posts/comments on some issues at Edinburgh Airport - long lines/queues, problems with security, etc. I realize people tend to post complaints more than positive comments but there have been quite a number of posts on Facebook, Skytrax detailing problems people have been having at the airport. We will be flying into Edinburgh from Connecticut on 30 June and departing on 11 July. Is purchasing FastTrack Passport Control worth it? Or is it a waste of money? Any suggestions on arriving at airport for international flights?

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there was a lot of problems when they first introduced the new security system a year or so ago but h=there has been few major problems since. I have been through the airport several times this year so far and will be again in a couple of weeks,All my flights have been early morning ie 6-7am and have been through security in minutes.Check in may be different but the companies I have used this year EasyJet and Jet2 there has been no problems at bag drop though some other companies may be different. fast track as far as I am concerned is just not needed.

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How much does it cost? You can read yourself into some unnecessary stress with all the junk out there on the internet.

I think those queues come partly from the number of flights arriving at the same time. When I flew into Edinburgh November 2017 it took 10 minutes to get through but there were no other passengers from other flights coming in at the same time.

But also it helps to be prepared when you arrive in the UK (I've been through there 5 times since 2002) as the border immigration agents ask probing questions like "where are you staying? show proof of that? you are only staying for 1 day?! etc." It is tougher since the migrant crisis in Europe and with the recent terror stuff happening.

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Last May and June we flew into Edinburgh from another location in the U.K. and a couple of weeks later flew out to the U.S. Did not notice anything related to long lines, security, etc. It was easy in and easy out. Based on our experience I think the FastTrack deal isn't worth it.

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When we flew out of Edinburgh in August (peak festival time), we were pretty darned pleased at how quickly they got us through the airport - given how late we got there in comparison with how much time we usually like to give ourselves.