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Edinburgh Airport "FastTrack" Pass...worth it?


Edinburgh Airport offers a "FastTrack" Pass (for 5 pounds) allowing a quicker trip through Passport Control. (They seem to be limited to a specific number of passes during any given hour, and one has to supply the arrival time upon purchase.)

Has anyone purchased/used this? Is it worth it?

What is the general consensus to the overall efficiency of Edinburgh Airport?

Thank you!

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Edinburgh isn’t that big an airport, so I wouldn’t bother with any fast track payment.

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Every time my husband and I have flown into Edinburgh airport (landing in the morning before Noon), we’ve been through immigration and on the bus to our hotel in less than 40 minutes without any “fast track” pass.

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as someone who passes through the airport about 10 times a year............................... no

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Every time I have flown into Edinburgh, the airline I was on provided a one time use fast track pass to each of the passengers.

But, no I don't think the pass would buy you anything since the airport is relatively small and things just see to go quickly there.

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Not needed. If you are flying into other destinations then might be a consideration but not in Edinburgh.