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Edinburgh airport

Want to know if anyone has experience with early morning (6 to 630am) flights from Edinburgh airport to London-Hearthrow, and specifically are cabs commonly available around 5 am from center city.

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I have not used Edinburgh airport, but have reserved early morning cabs through the hotel receptionist in many cities of Europe.

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We did this 2 years ago, booked a cab through the desk at the hotel for an extremely early flight back to London. Had no problem, cab was ready and waiting. Edinburgh airport at that time of the morning was filled mostly with business commuters and check in was efficient.

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Our flight 2 months ago wasn't super early, but just so you know, after checking in on the ground floor at Turnhouse Airport, head upstairs where there's an Eat stand with great croissants, as well as a couple of coffee counters, if you need some breakfast -- although I can't say what everyone's operating hours are. Bathrooms and Security are also on that upper floor. Just after exiting Security are 2 drinking fountains on the left (not exactly well-marked) where you can fill up water bottles, if you need to. There are food & beverage options after Security, too, before you board your flight.

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In September, we had to drop my sister and her husband off at 5 am for their flight from Edinburgh to Amsterdam (they were heading home, we were continuing our trip). I was the navigator, but my husband pointed out that the only other people on the road and headed the same direction was cabs...and they were all heading to the airport. (It was a Saturday). I don't think you will have any problem requesting a cab for that time.

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I believe there are also Trams to Edinburgh Airport, but I'm not sure what time they start running. Travel time is about 35 minutes and current fare is listed as £5 PP. I used the Airlink Bus on my last visit there, and I believe the travel time was about the same.

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on Friday October 24th we rode from near the Scottish Parliament (Royal Terrace Bld) to the airport and were picked up at 5:30 AM at our B&B. Our B&B, Adria House suggested the pick up. We called the night before and the taxis was 3 minutes early and took us directly to the airport in about 30 minutes, no problem. For my wife and I and 6 bags we paid around 25 pounds including tip. It was an easy trip. We had taken the Tram into town from the airport and it worked out great but we did not want to walk the 1/4 mile to the York Street Tram pick up. Taxis was a great choice. We used City Cab for the trip.

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I also have booked very early cabs via the front desk and at that hour the ride to the airport was quick and uncomplicated. At any other hour I would take the tram or the bus because of the distance and potential traffic but the ease of the taxi was worth it so early. Edinburgh is Scotland's business capital so I really don't think early cab rides to the London flights are anything exotic.

Have a great trip,

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You'll have not problem whatsoever. This is the capital city of Edinburgh. Many business people, politicians, average Scots as well as tourists take these flights. No different from New York, London, Chicago, San Francisco etc. When I caught an early flight, the B&B received the cab, they packed a breakfast for me and checked me out the night before. Easy, peasy. :)