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Eating Place recommendation with view in Loch Ness


I'd be driving from Inverness to Isle of Skye with stopping in between. Plan to stop in Loch Ness. Any eating place with view recommended?

I think the area around Urquhart Castle must be one of the best (since they fenced the whole area and charge quite hefty amount for ruins). Perhaps there're restaurants with similar view nearby?

off topic a bit, is there any other vantage point to see the Urquhart Castle without getting inside the fence? before people could just see it from outside the fence but then they grow tall trees surrounding it.


Inverness is on a river. (Inver = river). There are nice restaurants like the mustard seed on the river. Finding a restaurant on Loch Ness could be a challenge. The Loch is not in town and is a long, wide lake. I don't recall restaurants in Urquhart Castle area. You may just have to google it and find a place on your own. Sorry.

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Being pedantic inver (inbhir) is an esturary/river mouth, avon (abhain) is a river ;-)

But the point stands. For most of the lenght of the loch the A82 is between the buildings and the water. I can't recall many other places there might be a restaurant.

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Hi Jen, Try the Dores Inn at the top of Loch Ness for eating.


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Hi All,

thanks so much for the input. i find a restaurant called Oakwood near Inverness towards Loch Ness just around the beginning of Loch Ness. it looks great!

Hi douglas44
Dores Inn's view is superb! but it'd be quite a detour since i'll head to Isle of Skye directly so I try to stick on the other side of the river (min. 30mnts difference without traffic)


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OP, where did you end up eating? We will be doing the same trip (though Dufftown instead of Inverness) and are looking for a nice kid-friendly stop for lunch.

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BTW the reason Urquhart Castle are is fenced off is because it's part of Historic Scotland. I know it's too late for Jen, but you can reduce the cost of these site by getting a pass. Personally, I joined and became a member which also meant I got a magazine 4 times a year which was a lovely souvenir. And yep, there are fantastic views of the Loch. There is also a good visitor center which does a good job of explaining the history of the site.


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For Urquhart Castle, "hefty amount" is a matter of opinion, I guess, as to whether it's worth it. You get to see not just ruins but also free walking tour guides and costumed interpreters who will answer your questions when they're finished with their prepared commentary. And there are lots of interpretive plaques and signs. I wouldn't skip the visit based on the cost, which after all goes to the upkeep of the site.