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Dublin to Glasgow to Fort William: Trains, Planes, but no Automobiles

I (American) am traveling from Dublin to Glasgow and onward to Fort William on July 18. That is my first trip abroad in a VERY long time. I am in the process of securing my plane ticket from Dublin to Glasgow and am trying to figure out what time of flight to take. As of right now, ScotRail has not issued the schedule from Glasgow to Fort William that far in advance. I have been looking at the current schedule and it appears there are only 4 daily trains that go to Fort William from Glasgow, but I don't know if that changes as we head into the summer months. There is a good afternoon flight that would get me into Glasgow about 2 hrs before what is currently listed as the last train of the day. Alternatively, there is one that gets me in 3 hrs before that same scheduled train.
So here are my questions for anyone who might know:
1) How likely is it that the current ScotRail schedule will remain for July?
2) Approximately how long would it take me to get through whatever passport control in Glasgow and get from the airport to the train station (I know there is a shuttle bus from the airport to the train station for £8)

Thank you so much in advance for any help/advice/suggestions anyone might have!

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You will not go through immigration in Glasgow. Thanks to the CTA, travel from Ireland to the UK is like a domestic flight. (Not the same in the other direction for Americans.)

The #500 airport bus take you from Glasgow Airport to City Center. It takes about 15-20 minutes depending on where in the city you're going.

There are plenty of flights between Dublin and Glasgow that you don't need to buy one now.

The train from Glasgow to Fort William is one of the most beautiful train rides in the UK. It leaves from Glasgow Queen Street station.

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Essentially the Scot Rail schedule is a year round schedule. Apart from minor tweaks it will be the same in July. It hasn't changed significantly in many years.

To allow for any flight delays if you have a 3 hour option take that one, more if you can get it.

If you can get a morning flight there is a Citylink coach-bus direct from the airport to Fort William at 1322- avoiding having to go into Glasgow at all-