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Driving map Scotland - Glasgow, Oban, Portree ??

Based on the excellent advice from this group, we will be driving from Glasgow to Oban as follows:

- the A82 to Tarbet (Loch Lomond) / A83 via Rest And Be Thankful to Inveraray /A819 to Dalmally/ then rejoin the A85

We have a car from Celtic Legends with Sat Nav and google maps on our phones, but I would like to know if a print map is a good idea too or if there is a video or something regarding the route, the roads, signage, any interchanges etc. that we should read.

Rick’s book provides good info about the views, sights, scenery, but not much about the driving specifics, roads, turn offs etc.

Thank you!!

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I would always recommend a paper map, the one I have is the Collins Road Atlas of Britain. A good map is also a good piece of art and I treat the maps I use elsewhere as souvenirs. For videos there are a lot of them and so you can search on YouTube.

But I would highly recommend going on to Google Street View and having a look at the junctions. This will give you an idea of how they are laid out and what the signs look like.

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Prior to Inveraray, if you like seafood stop at Loch Fyne Oysters - their original location.

At Inveraray you will see the sign welcoming you to the town, then almost immediately a sign for the castle and then almost immediately a sign post for Oban and the A819 on your right - the road goes through an arch. If you need food at this point there are a few pubs in Inveraray, and a Co-Op.

The A819 only has a couple of side roads on the left - ignore them.

Right at its end you will be to the right of Loch Awe - look out for a viewpoint car park for Kilchurn Castle.

At the end of the A819 you don't go into Dalmally - turn left on the A85 to Oban.

If you need food or a snack there is the GIen Orchy Lodge and a small convenience store in the village, in which case turn right.

Oban is the biggest place for many miles - it's on every road sign where a turn is required.

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This is the A819 junction at Inverary. The destinations, Oban and Crianlaraich, and the numbers A819 are clear. The (A85) in green is in brackets indicating this road leads to the A85 and the A85 as a primary road will have green rather than white direction signs.

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Just to add re: "there are a few pubs in Inveraray" -- I can recommend the food in Brambles as well as the George Hotel pub. Both are in the high street.