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dressing for the jacobite dinner and Tattoo

I know theres no"dress code" for the Tattoo itself except "warm. layers. no umbrellas. watch out for cobblestones" but our friends suggested dinner at Edinburgh castle first, which sounded like fun. The Royal Gallery of course has a very stringent formal code. What does the Jacobite room have? Has anyone been? The gallery photos i've seen appear pretty casual but our friend says tie and jacket and nice shoes.
Since we are doing the "one carryon apiece and a personal bag" for the Rick Steves tour itself, its hard to figure how we would get a suit into the bag with dress shoes aside from the fact that the tattoo seating doesnt sound conducive to dressing up anyway. Where would one put the blanket/wrap/hat/boots/whatnot ppl are recommending for that at the dinner anyway?

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Hi, frankiedolls,

Why not go the whole hog and hire a kilt once you get to Edinburgh? You can rent a kilt, sporran, waistcoat, tie, and dress jacket/Prince Charlie jacket at any one of several outfitters in Edinburgh. I'm not sure about the shoes, stockings, and sgian-dhu, however, but it's worth looking into.

The whole jingbang would probably run you about 100 pounds or so, but look at the stories you can tell, and the photos you'll have to show to your mates back home.

Best wishes for your holiday.


Mike (Auchterless)

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While we haven’t been to this particular dinner we have been to the Tattoo 3 times. We’ve also been to other formal performances like opera, ballets and concerts while traveling for an extensive time in Europe with one bag. My husband suggests dark walking shoes like Ecco or Clarks not dress shoes, a long sleeved shirt and tie (or scarf), and a dark outer jacket/coat (not a suit). Put your scarf, gloves, hat and throwaway rain poncho in your pocket if needed.

Have fun, you’ll really enjoy it!

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As well, try and bring a cushion to sit on at the Tattoo.
The seats used to be notoriously hard!
Not sure what they are like these days.

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Thank you folks. That helps. I did messenger the castle and they talked a bit to the organizers. Apparently there is a cloakroom if one needs to deposit wraps or cushions or whatnot and “walking shoes” are ok and it’s a “very relaxed casual dress dining evening”