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Dress code

What is the dress code for women when touring cathedrals, chapels or other sites in Scotland? Thanks!

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Hi, mccollum81,

Scotland is not nearly as conservative a country as it was say, 40 years ago. If you're touring cathedrals, chapels, etc., then anywhere from a t-shirt and jeans to summer casual (i.e.: blouse and slacks) would be acceptable. Your object as a tourist is to be comfortable. Obviously, short shorts and halter/tube tops would be frowned upon, but no one is going to look down their nose at you if you dress for comfort.

However, if you are planning to attend a church service, then you should get a little more dressed up. But again, as a visitor, you should not feel that you have to dress to impress. The exception would be if you are attending a sabbath service on the Isle of Lewis, where you would most likely have to dress quite conservatively.

While you're touring places of worship, it's best to keep conversation quiet, and to a minimum.

If you're visiting historic sites, then the same rules apply. Dress for comfort, and dress for the season.

Best wishes for a wonderful holiday!

Mike (auchterless)