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Doing Laundry while on a RS tour in Scotland

My family and I are getting ready for our RS Scotland tour and I as wondering if there will be any chance while on the tour to do Laundry.

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I can't speak directly to this tour, but when I did the Berlin, Prague and Vienna tour, there was some time during which we all went off and did laundry. I would recommend that you just ask the folks at ETBD. They will tell you if there will be time.

That said, I do believe that you stay in some places longer than one day. So, the expensive option of having the hotel do the laundry is certainly one you could consider. My dad didn't like to rinse things out in sinks and so always paid for laundry. I tend to just rinse stuff out. Bring clothes that will dry easily.


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If you know your hotels, you can google the address and then the word "laundry" with it and different laundromats will pop up. Or email the hotels to figure out your options. I have good success with this. The Internet is a beautiful thing.

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Although I've never done an RS tour, we were just in Edinburgh last month. We had several options of laundromats. We were willing to do our own laundry, but for only about 10 pounds, we dropped off our laundry and picked it up a few hours later! (We used Leme Laundry on West Maitland St) We've done this in cities all over Europe so I'm pretty confident that no matter where you are, you'll be able to find something similar. There's nothing like clean clothes on vacation! :D

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Looking at the itinerary for the Scotland tour, you may have some time the afternoon of Day 6.

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OK... beware, or plan accordingly, if the dryer you want to use turns out to be one of those little devices that depends on a condenser, rather than actually tossing your clothes in circulating dry air.

Those dryers work, allegedly, by heating your wet clothers. This creates a great deal of humidity inside the chamber. A condenser is supposed to draw off this moisture.

I suppose it does, but after 60-90 minutes I've always found myself with a lot of very hot and very moist clothes.

So, basically, the dryer consists of a little oven with an exhaust fan.

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I just returned from our Rick Steves tour in Scotland. There was limited availabilty to do laundry while on this tour; there was only a 1 hour window of opportunity. Basically we had the option of dropping off the laundry and picking it up the next evening.

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Condenser dryers work very well, I have had one for many years, but you need to expect it to take a little longer in order to get nicely dried clothes. It gives a nicer dry than vented ones, IMO.

If you think that that technology you should try some of the washer/dryer in a single box gizmos. They actually - take this seriously - add water in the drying phase which causes the clothes to dry.

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Your tour guide will point out your best opportunity en-route, probably the same one that Cindy described, and I'll bet it was in Inverness. Unless you're starting your travel earlier, I usually make it through a 10-day tour without doing laundry. If you're continuing to travel after the tour, Edinburgh will certainly have more resources.