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I’d like to think most people do research beyond Rick’s books since his is only one point of view and barely scratch the surface on things to see.

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Actually, I doubt that. There are an awful lot of folks who show up on this forum without (apparently) having even looked at one guide book, Rick's or otherwise.

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agree, acraven.

I think this article just uses Rick's name as a strawman to get attention. He'd be the first to say you shouldn't blindly follow someones list. His guidebooks aren't intended to be the "be-all" guide for everyone, especially not for professional, well-traveled and experienced people like the writer. Probably the most often asked questions here have to do with "what should I see?" and I think Rick's list are a pretty good summary of the highlights for people who've never been somewhere.

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I glance through Rick's books at the library and have found virtually nothing relevent to my plans prior to any of our trips. Much the same with Lonely Planet.
I find the comment "Disobeying Rick in Edinburgh" quite bizarre. A guide book and the like is just that, a guide.
I doubt I have much in common with a 63 year old millionaire travel writer/tv presenter. He can give you info on places but it seems pretty weird for people to follow his instruction to the letter.

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Most people visiting Edinburgh, including most of its inhabitants will never have heard of RS. He’s not generally known of outside America.

As with all places, you need to cover a range of sources for trips. Guidebooks are just a guide.

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Ah, but Jennifer, our hotel hosts in Edinburgh certainly knew of Rick! I'm not sure how it came up in conversation; I think I mentioned that the RS Guide said this or that. The lady at the desk said "Oh, yes, Rick Steves!" and her coworker said enthusiastically, "He stayed here once, didn't he?" The lady responded, "No, no, he's really famous. It was one of his associates." :-)