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Dean Village Directions

We arrive Edinburgh 9:10 AM Wednesday and cannot check in to our apartment until 3PM. Thinking of doing the walk along the water path to Dean Village. Would someone please give me some insight on how to make this happen. I am thinking we will use the tram from the airport for transportation into Edinburgh
Thank you!

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Hi, hbo6,

Where are you going to park your luggage while you take the walk?

Mike (Auchterless)

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If you use the tram, go to The West End Stop is, I think, the closest to Dean Village itself. On the map referenced above, you will see the stop, the village, and the path. The village and the path are really worth making an effort to see. We throughly enjoyed our visit. Googlemaps street view feature should allow you to "walk" the area before leaving home. Not sure what you plan to do with your luggage. That could be a problem.

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At least one stretch of the path near Dean Village was closed as of early July, I think due to weather damage / safety issues. I got the impression from the signage that the problem might not be resolved soon.

I didn't have a problem picking up the path or finding Dean Village. I had marked Dean Village in Google's MyMaps and loaded the map on my phone. Between MyMaps and local signs, it wasn't hard. I'm sorry I can't be more specific, but I walked around a lot and just don't remember how I got there.

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Skip it! Not nearly as cute in person as those instagram photos! However, we did enjoy Dean cemetery, which has a number of notables buried there.

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I guess put luggage in Waverly train station lockers or one of the museums that have lockers nearby. Would the National Portrait Museum be the closest museum to do this? Our lodging is going to be on Victoria Street.

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Here the link to the info on Water of Leith Walkway. I've walked different parts of it. And it is quite nice. If you are looking for someplace outside to walk you could think The Royal Botanic Garden. It is actually just off the walk.

You will need to park your bags somewhere. I was going to suggest Waverly Station, but check out what came up when I googled to get updated info! You have options!


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head to the Stockbridge area of the city , you can walk along the water of Leith from there to Dean village in about 10 minutes passing St Bernard's Well on the way.