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Day Trip via rail Edinburgh to Inverness

Is this a possibility to do the same day return? Just looking at different options of doing a day trip to Loch Ness via Inverness. I know there are plenty of tour companies, but maybe trying something different. We will be in Edinburgh for 6 days in December.

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It is possible, but the journey will be three hours more or less each way. December is also the darkest month in terms of day light. It is not a trip I would recommend during summer.

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If you were to do it, then the most logical trains depart about 8:30 a.m. to reach Inverness at noon and return times by direct train are around 15:45 and 18:45. If you were to return in the dark, then bring your dinner and entertainment on board with you. That is more total time on the trains than at the destination.

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Thank you very much for your quick replies, MC-Glasgow & Laura. Just playing around with an idea. We live in Maine and are used to dark winters. I just think going by train would be a nice change of pace. I do have my eyes on a couple of tour companies that offer tours up to Loch Ness, so it's jut about deciding how we want to do this.

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I've taken the train to Inverness as a day trip from Glasgow. I got a good price on the tickets, and the experience was fine. The schedule was about what Laura said. Yes, it was a lot of time on the train, but the train ride was scenic (during daylight hours anyway) and comfortable.

Scotland's a lot further north than Maine, though, so the December days will be shorter than even you're used to. Wouldn't hurt to double check the sunrise and sunset times and make sure you have enough daylight for everything you want to do.

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in December it will be light for a maximum of 8 hours later in the month around 7, even leaving around 8 am by the time you actually get to loch Ness you will have little light left, if the weather is bad as it often is than time of year it really can appear to be dark all day.Loch ness is one of the least impressive scenic areas is Scotland.
why loch Ness?
you could take a trip by train to the Borders area, train to tweedbank and a bus to Melrose, or walk to Abbotsford house the home of Sir Walter Scott, you would still have time and daylight to visit Melrose for a few hours after that