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Day Trip to Isle of Skye

We are coming from Inverness to Fort William.
Is it possible to go to the Isle of Skye or not enough time.

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We rented our car in Inverness, left about noon or 12:15 that day, heading for Isle of Skye for 3 days. It had rained in Inverness that morning, then the weather cleared for a while, then it absolutely poured the rest of our way to Skye. Slowed traffic considerably. We drove to Fort William after our days on Skye, and that drive/ferry crossing/more driving took a while that day.

So, weather, traffic, and your energy level permitting, it’s probably possible to depart Inverness, and to reach Fort William the same day, by way of Skye. But you might be driving that whole time, without much in the way of Loch Ness or castle stops, or time to see and experience wonderful Skye, except what you see thru the car windows.

Both Skye and Fort William area have a lot to offer, with a least a couple days apiece, if not more. Will your schedule allow more than a day trip?

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It is possible - but is definiterly the long way round with a ferry crossing. You also won't see the best parts of Skye either. It is just a tick box exercise.

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Do you mean you want to drive a route from Inverness to Fort William in one day that also takes you onto & off of the Isle of Skye? If so, I agree with the other comments that this would be foolish.

If you mean taking a day trip from Inverness to Skye, or a day trip from Fort William to Skye . . . either one of those would be more realistic, but you still would not have much time to experience and appreciate what Skye has to offer.