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Hi leaving for Scotland in 30 days! First trip out if the country. Just wanted to know what to expect in customs. I fly in to Dublin Ireland an layover then onto Edinburgh. Also how long does it take to clear customs?


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Havent entered through Dublin but European passport/immigration control typically is dependent on the line. Actual questioning only a minute or two. Customs usually takes the time it takes to walk through the Nothing to Declare gate.

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Just remember there are two parts to entering a new country--emigration and customs. When you are on the plane they will give you the forms to fill out in advance. And as already mentioned, the time is all about the lines! I've never had a lengthy wait into Glasgow. Heathrow is another story all together! I went through Dublin way too many years ago to even remember. You might post the question in the Ireland forum.


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I dont believe you will have to do anything with customs in Ireland if you are just connecting there for EDI. I went thru Heathrow on the way to EDI in October and the only customs going over there was at EDI, nothing at Heathrow (but on the way out it was different) EDI was a breeze, quick and polite were the officials at EDI, it was so insignificant I hardly remember it. Heathrow on the way out was different, I encountered the only truely rude person while in the UK while going through customs at Heathrow. Be sure to fill out the card that the airline people bring out, again I think this was more of an issue when we were leaving EDI and heading to Heathrow and then the US.

Teani I forgot to mention that I used the same airline with one ticket all the way from Indy to Edi, that may make changes in how you have to approach customs if you are on separate tickets, our luggage went all the way from Indy to Chicago to London to EDI, not sure how your trip is booked.

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Hi Teani.

I live in Scotland and have connected to the UK from several European airports including Dublin. All European Union airports will screen for all other EU countries so you should be prepared with a copy your itinerary as they usually ask where you're going and what is the purpose of your trip. But I find Dublin easier to enter than London, where they are not quite as friendly.

When taking a connecting flight, you go through a separate customs line than the one for people leaving that airport. Follow the signs for connecting flights and be prepared to walk (or even take a bus to change terminals) a long way before you get to customs. But once you actually get there it doesn't take too long. What takes longer is going back through security as if you just arrived at the airport. I always give myself at least 2 hours to connect as the security lines can be quite long. If you have a tight connection, ask flight attendants or airport personnel for assistance as they sometimes let travellers with tight connections go first.

If you miss your connecting flight, don't worry. Just go to your airline's customer service desk and they will book you on the next flight. It happens all the time so they are accustomed to dealing with these things. They don't charge any fees for rebooking a later flight.

Hope that helps.