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Currency question

We will get pounds from an ATM at the airport in Edinburgh, but where can we change some currency for coins for the buses and trams?

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Any small shop (at the airport and otherwise) will do...newspaper/bookstore, places that sell food or drinks to go, etc. Just buy something small and cheap and ask for small coins. Try to get the smallest bills possible at the ATM.

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The same way you'd do it in the US or wherever you're from.

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similar answers in the other copy of this question

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Here's what we did just last week:

1) I got the Transport for Ediburgh app to do route planning for the buses. That pointed me at the:
2) m-ticket app, which allowed me to purchase tickets online using a credit card.

m-tickets work on the Lothian buses (the purple ones) and the tram (but not to the airport). You can purchase singles, day tickets, family day ticket, and other passes, and activate them one at a time, as you need them. You can also transfer m-tickets to others in your party, provided they have their own device and their own m-ticket app (available for iOS and Android). The app also offers a packet of 5 day tickets at a small discount (40 p per ticket).

Note, then minimum purchase is 10 pounds of tickets.

We had two people in our party. Two were there for two days, two for three days. I bought two 5-packs, and transferred tickets to others in my party.

You should be able to do this ahead, and avoid having to have any coins.