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Culloden Tour Guide

Hi, My husband and I will be Inverness mid day on Oct. 16. We'd like to go to the battlefield. I know there is a bus there but was wondering if anyone used a personal guide while there? is it necessary? I know there is a visitor center there too. We would have time after to do another stop if a guide could be found. Any ideas? Thanks

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When I was there in February, there was a guided tour of the battlefield included in the admission price. It took about an hour, was informative and fun, bringing the battle to life.

Contact NTS to check on times of tours.
[email protected]

There are information boards around the site but I found it much better with someone there to explain things and answer questions.

The Visitor Centre has a very good exhibition and lots of artefacts so allow plenty of time in there.

The Visit Scotland website advertises Tartan Tours for a private guided tour of the battlefield and they suggest "you allow 9 -10 hours to ensure you make full advantage of this memorable day with Tartan Tours Scotland." Apparently you get 'a good three hours' at the battlefiled but it doesn't say what else you do to fill up the time. They also don't give a price on their website and you have to contact them for one...

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Hi DeeW
We recently toured Culloden with Inverness Day Tours (IDT) as part of a full day tour. Laura Moon, company co-owner, was our guide and she provided a exceptional account of the events on that tragic day. It was a very moving experience. I know IDT has several guides who are extremely knowledgeable about Scottish History and Culloden in particular.

We are planning a third trip back to Scotland and plan to again tour with IDT. In our minds they are simply the best tour company out there.

Laura & Ian are terrific to work with and if they provide a tour of Culloden for you it will be an unforgettable experience.

Edit to add: Hugh Allison is a guide at IDT. He has worked at Culloden and is published. His Culloden Tales is fascinating to read and we highly recommend it. It will enhance your visit.

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We returned to Culloden this May for the second time, and we took the 40 minute tour both times (both ran over to more like an hour). Each guide follows a basic script, but adds a lot of personality. The actual battle field is mostly a large field with occasional markers of clan names, with no guarantee that there is any certain person/clan buried in any certain spot. Without the guide, it's just a pleasant walk. You'll need at least an hour in the Visitor Center to explore the exhibits and watch the multimedia stuff.

Clava Cairns are just a few minutes away for a second stop. It would be a 30 minute walk each way, and I don't think there's a bus that gets very close.

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Has anyone taken the bus from Inverness... maybe bus 12 or 27? Is Stagecoach the name of the bus company? Trying to figure out times it runs in Oct. thanks for all the great advice so far

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Yes it's a Stagecoach bus to Culloden, and is Route 27- this is the current timetable, and should be the same or maybe very minor tweaks by October, as it is a year round service, mainly for locals.-

Route 12 no longer exists. From memory that was a school day bus from Inverness to Nairn. It seems to be the 112 now from Culloden Academy- that is not near the Battlefield.

Be aware that there is a village called Culloden with a more frequent city bus service (Route 1)- that is not very near the Battlefield- you don't want those buses as you'd have a fair old walk to the Battlefield

The Bus Station is out the back door of Inverness Rail Station and across the car park- well signposted

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Thank you for clearing that up! We won't have a car so getting to Clava Cairns maybe quite a challenge. Is there a road/sidewalk? Probably not in the cards unless we get a private driver. Any suggestions?

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There is a single track road with passing places but no sidewalk. It is a mile or thereabouts from Culloden to Clava. The road is also part of one of the National Cycle Network. So about 30 minutes gentle stroll each way.

It depends what you are used to, but to me it is eminently walkable. You walk facing the oncoming traffic so on the right hand side of the road. Drivers are legally obliged in the UK to give way to pedestrians, so move as far over the road as they can to pass you, or even loop into a passing place if it's on their side.
Likewise if you are closest to a passing place when you see a car coming step into it, and pause. Or onto the verge/shoulder. Most drivers will give you a cheery wave or honk of the horn if you do that or even if you just make it clear that you are aware of them. It's all part of the protocol of using narrow roads.

You can 'walk' the route on Streetview-,-4.0808923,15z/data=!4m6!3m5!1s0x488f79fd7cc3f7f7:0x237e20b79ae9cda6!8m2!3d57.4734982!4d-4.0731675!16zL20vMDMyaHhz?entry=ttu