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Covid Test to fly back to US

My family is visiting Scotland at the end of May.
Where do we have to go and what is the procedure for the required COVID test to fly home?
Our last full day is in Glasgow and then the next morning we have an 11 AM flight out of Edinburgh.
I'm trying to make sense of all the information about how we have to go about
getting our required test.
Should we go to the Glasgow Airport on that final full day and can we get a test done there?
Or should we arrive early at the Edinburgh airport the day we fly out for the test?
Do we need to reserve a test appointment at either of these airports?
This is our first international flight since the pandemic, so just trying to make sure that
end of the trip is not an anxious mess.
Thank you!

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Just get the proctored home tests and do them online. Vastly easier.

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How are you getting from Glasgow to Edinburgh, and when are you leaving from Glasgow? If you’re not flying out of Glasgow, I would not go to the airport in Glasgow. Just get tested in the city the day before your flight.

This is just one place that does testing for travel in central Glasgow

Your hotel might be able to suggest others.

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We plan to take the airport bus on the morning of the final day from Glasgow's Buchanan Station to Edinburgh airport for the flight home.
It seems from what people are suggesting here that it would make the most sense to get a test done the day before the
flight when still in Glasgow.