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COVID Test Purchase for Day 2 of Travel

With Scotland opening up (without quarantine) to US citizens who are vaccinated, I'm scrambling to pull together a trip before my school year starts. It's something I "need" to do in order to finish out my sabbatical studies that were cut short there last year. There is an unbelievable amount of conflicting information even on official websites, but for now I'll limit my question to the test I'll need to book for my second day of travel. Is that "day 2" COVID test something they send to my home here in the US that I need to take with me? Is it a test they'd send to my hotel in Edinburgh? Is it something I'm booking that will require me to GO somewhere in Edinburgh to take it? (If it's something they send to my home here in the US for me to take along, I doubt it would arrive here before I leave.)

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you book and pay for the private test with an approved testing company in Scotland before you travel and follow their instructions... The details are on the website under Covid tests for travel.

edit: note that for Scotland you follow the link for "Scotland" from the covid pages, you will be taken to the only route possible which is one online booking centre and it will cost £88 pp

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Still confused, will travel to Scotland on aug 20 for a familyvisit. From the Netherlands and fully vaccinated so need the day 2 test. I thought the Boots tests are not allowed? Only for England? I will arrive in Glasgow airport but stay in Newton Stewart which is in Dumfries and Galloway Please help..

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Thanks for that. I found that site before but got confused when it mentioned you can only send it to the address where you live. Looks like this is for residents that return to the UK from holiday?

**> You are not allowed to order tests to be delivered to your address for

people who are not normally resident at the delivery address.**

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Calimom--get off this thread. The information is irrelevant as the rules have changed.

You need to get a Day 2 test. They are "usually" self administered with no proctoring. (I did one this week.) You send it in and get the results via email.

Mine was sent out overnight to my first hotel on the day I traveled. In the test kit was a return envelope for overnight shipping to the lab.

This is the company I used to get and perform the test: